Doncaster Laundry Room

Doncaster Laundry Room

About Doncaster Laundry Room

Doncaster Laundry Room is a one stop laundry shop located in Jackson Court (at the end of the court near the Footy Oval)

A fresh, clean and welcoming space The Doncaster Laundry Room may have you doing more Laundry than you ever expected!

The Laundry is equipped with a range of Washing Machines & dryers that will wash and dry your clothes FAST. The service is designed to out TIME back into your busy lives. The space is designed to bring convenience to the lives of residents and businesses in Manningham – comfortable seating, plenty of lighting, dedicated Pet linen washing machine & dryer, classical music, aromatherapy, a well appointed library, a secure children’s play area, free Wifi, a Note Changing machine, a Detergent & Fabric Softener dispenser & a vended drinks machine are some of the fine offerings you will find here – you may just to stay here long after your wash cycle has finished!

And if none of that grab your attention we can WASH. DRY. FOLD. IRON. DRY-CLEAN. PICKUP & DELIVER. All you have to do is tell us what you would like & consider it DONE!